SHIN DO FU NI   with thankfulness to seasonal foods

“Shin Do Fu Ni” The word implies “Our body (living now)”and “Soil (environment bringing foods)”are not separable.We recognize that we live on account of the gift from Mother Nature; i.e. eating vegetables and foods raised on the earth with water and sunlight. We all thank the “Soil” which nurtures us. We would like to share our joyfulness with our guests.
Please enjoy vegetables heartily raised in this land and this season. You can feel season’s deliciousness.

Enjoy tastes available only in this Land in the world

Tasty vegetables, foods and dishes; nurtured only in and matching with the natural environment of this Land. “Shimotsuke no Kuni”, an area of “Jinenjo no Sato” (Land of Jinenjo), is a place full of “water, green and land”. The area is the historical place where peopled have lived for many years and created its own culture. Please enjoy relaxation time for a while and feel a warm and intimate aura of “Jinenjo no Sato” (Land of Jinenjo) created by our ancestors who lived here, cultivated this Land and nourished their own culture throughout the history.

Takahashi 1955, Oyama-City, Tochigi-Prefecture, Japan In front of “Yasuragi no Mori”(Healing Forest) ; Please see the Google map. Please see the Google map.
Parking space :
20 cars
+81-285-49-3545 / +81-285-39-6850
Lunch /11:30 to 14:30 (priority on reserved guests)
inner/ 18:00 to 21:30 (priority on reserved guests)
※Reservations on the day for dining : until 15:00 on the day
Restaurant holiday:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ※※ Open in case of a reservation made for more than six guests
Reservation for a whole restaurant
10 or more guests

We would like to deliver sincerely a message of“Ichigo Ichie” (Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.)

Time passing in “Jinenjo no Sato” (Land of Jinenjo) is very valuable for our guests.
We would like our guests to enjoy this precious occasion with full relaxation, physically and mentally, by feeling heart of the soil/the vegetables which are tasted only in this land and season. We serve you heartily with fruitfulness and gentleness of Mother Nature of this Land.

Original productsOriginal products are available at“Land of Jinenjo”. They are good for presents and souvenirs.

  • Vegetable Miso (bean paste)
    200ml 350yen

    Seasoning Miso (bean paste) mixed with spices. Good for spice.

  • Evening Glory Jam
    150g 480yen

    Jam made of evening glory, a source of “Kanpyo” (gourd strip)

  • Vegetable Dressing
    200ml 500yen

    Vegetable Dressing with gentle sour taste, unique and original of the Vegetable Restaurant

  • “Kanpyo” Noodle
    for two 500yen

    Noodles made of a mixture of locally raised wheat and “Kanpyo”

  • Kanpyo Ramen
    for two 500yen

    Thin and firm-taste Ramen noodle made of Kanpyo powder

  • Homemade fruit wine
    200ml bottle 400yen

    Three kinds of homemade wine: “Yuzu” (orange), plum and grape

※Gift packaging is available. There are many other goods besides those listed in this web site. Please contact us for further information.
※Prices listed here do not include the consumption tax.

Event informationEvents held regularly at “Jinenjo no Sato” (Land of Jinenjo)

  • Seduction by spring; Indoor Concert to applause colorful spring

    Seduction by spring; Indoor Concert to applause colorful spring

    Concert by an ocarina player. Music brought us bright/gentle breaths of vegetables and feeling of spring.

  • 夏、かんぴょう祭り+流しそうめん

    Summer; Kanpyo Festival + “Nagashi Somen” (to scoop Somen noodles floating from the top of water shoot)

    After an experience of peeling off the skin of Kanpyo, please enjoy eating as much baked corns, summer vegetables, 30meter-long “Nagashi Somen” and other dishes of fresh summer vegetables as you want.

  • Evening in summer, enjoying music on an outdoor stage

    Evening in summer, enjoying music on an outdoor stage

    Concert by Ren, a famous quena player (Tochigi-Prefecture is her home country). The terrace is a stage. Guest seats are in a parking space. Music was peaceful and hot.


Company Name
Daichi Co., Ltd.
Takahashi 1955, Oyama-City, Tochigi-Prefecture, 323-0154 Japan

■Affiliated Companies to create“sixth industrialization of agricultural business” initiated by Daichi Co., Ltd

Daichi Co., Ltd
Takahashi 1955, Oyama-City, Tochigi-Prefecture, 323-0154 Japan
●Restaurant Department
(Serving dishes of “Jinenjo no Sato”)
●Vegetables Raising Department
●Food Development Department
Firming Corporation Daichi no Kaori Co., Ltd.
●Production Department (Kanpyo, Garlic and etc.)
●Vegetables Products Department
●Sales Department
photo: vegetable raising (vinyl house)
AgriForce Inc.
●Machinery Design and Manufacturing Department
●Fertilizer and Feedstuff Manufacturing Department
Photo: Equipment for farmyard compost and completed compost